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Our Story

The dream was birthed somewhere between 2002 and 2006 in College Station, TX: we were going to graduate from Texas A&M University, go work for a few years, get married, and eventually move to a small town in the mountains, grow our own food, share everything, and effectively take over the town.

With much prayer, time, and Lord’s grace, that dream evolved — and is still evolving — from small town domination to engaging a community, living missionally, and ultimately planting a church. As we were meeting and praying about what we were to do with this big dream, the Lord placed in the heart of a church named Resonate in Pullman, WA a desire to train and send out a group of would-be church planters. In his great provision and sovereignty, God put our two groups together and after several phone calls, emails, and meetings, we left our homes (Texas and California, depending on which team member you’re thinking of) and moved into a house in Moscow, ID where Resonate has one of its two campuses.

For the next year or so we will sit under the training of Resonate. We hope to learn from mistakes they’ve made, reap benefits of lessons they’ve learned, and allow them to speak into and help develop each of our strengths. We also hope to bless and encourage them throughout our time in the Palouse.

This blog was created to keep our supporters (prayer, financial, moral, or otherwise) up to date on the goings on of our team. Hopefully it works.

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