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05.18.2011 / laura

’tis the season

This “training season” is coming to a close and we pleasantly can say that we have much to show for it.  Over the last 10.5 months, 7 of the 9 team members have moved up the the Pacific Northwest to train under a church that we knew just enough about to know we wanted to be here (we did not know enough about it to be able to fill our parents in on the details they so desperately wanted).  We came as individuals calling ourselves a team and (I think) have developed into a strong team of unique and beautiful individuals who have learned, and will continue to learn, to work wonderfully together.

We arrived in the Northwest as “the Texas Team” and are moving to Spokane, WA as the staff and core group of Inland Church!  The dreams that God began painting in our minds and hearts years ago are beginning to manifest into something tangible: a new church plant.  It is still hard for me to wrap my mind around; it is incredibly exciting to look back over the dozens of blog posts we have written and see just how far the Lord has brought us.

It is hard to believe that our training season is almost over.  10.5 months of training and Mikey and I find ourselves in the situation pictured here.  It seems like we were just packing up to head here and now we are packing up again to go make Spokane our home.

I can not yet articulate what all this training season has held for me. Perhaps in 9 weeks when my turn comes around again I will have processed this…perhaps.  The Lord is faithful.  The boxes that brought us here testified to that in July and this mess of boxes in our room now testify again.

As our season changes please pray for:

  • Housing for the team and the provision of a church gathering space in Spokane
  • Churches and individuals across the nation who will partner with us in prayer, finances and enouragement
  • Grace among the transition of training to church planting, living in Moscow to Spokane and all the other mental, physical and spiritual transition that will accompany the move.

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  1. Ryan Moore / May 25 2011 11:13 am

    I can’t express how excited I am for you! The people of Spokane will be blessed as the Lord works in and through you to draw people there to Him! I really like your name and logo too!

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