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05.04.2011 / blakecooley

We’re all church planting.

Even though Meredith and I are still working through the grieving process of not moving with the team to Spokane this summer, there is still some excitement for staying in Texas for another year.  What I’m the most joyful for in Texas is to teach my four students for one more year.  My wife has previously blogged about our classrooms that we teach so you can read that if you were so inclined, but basically our classrooms consist of elementary students with severe cognitive and motor difficulties.  Out of 38,000 students in our district there are only 12 elementary students that would be considered medically fragile, and we teach 8 of them.  God has definitely given Meredith and I a passion for serving this small population in the world of special ed.  It has been amazing to work at a job we love, and by God’s grace, that we’re good at.  These students, their families, and our co-workers will be the focal point of our ministry during the next year.  Christ has called us to serve and care for the “least of these” Matthew 25:45.  So even though we won’t be joining the group in Spokane for this next year we will still be church planting here in Texas.  If you are a believer in Christ reading this blog then  you’re a church planter as well, no different from any of us.  During the next year, my wife and I might not be starting up a physical church in Spokane, WA, but we will still be working on the greatest church there ever was….the Body of Christ.  The Church Universal.  The Kingdom of God.  Praise Jesus that we get to play a part in that!  So even though we mourn not physically being with the team for 9 months, it’s still exciting to be a part of something so much greater than ourselves, the team, Spokane, this world….and that’s the Gospel of Christ. 


–  Summer plans for the team (that they would be clear and bring peace)

–  Others on the team meeting with churches to talk about support


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