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04.28.2011 / leazatettleton


So, we just experienced another Holy Week with its Palm Sunday, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter) celebration. It was a special privilege to join Resonate Church in this season of thanksgiving and remembrance, dwelling on the sick truths that the grave could not contain our King. Death could not conquer him. Jesus is alive.

Interwoven throughout these seven days was a whole lot of prayer. Resonate rallied together, interceding for the cities of Pullman and Moscow with the goal of raising our voices to the Lord for 24 hours, 7 days, 2 cities. With excel documents created and time slots filled in, the Church sought the Lord’s favor and His movement in this part of the country, and more specifically on the campuses and in the coffee shops and book stores and other frequented places.

And let me say, it was ridiculous. It tends to be a good idea to ask God to do what He longs for: to be glorified. Glorified in redeeming and drawing people to Himself; in bringing reconciliation to broken marriages and estranged friendships; in bestowing crowns of beauty instead of ashes and garments of praise instead of spirits of despair.

Holy Week and prayer collided in a really beautiful way. In prayer rooms. In bedrooms. In closets. On the streets.

There’s a rather phenomenal book called Red Moon Rising, that faithfully recounts the stories of re-awakening the Lord is causing throughout Europe (and the world), as the Church gathers in the basements of pubs, spaces too grungy to rent out, church houses and skate parks to pray. Continually. After work and during lunch breaks and 3 a.m. shifts when the entire continent seems to be in a deep slumber. People are tasting and seeing that the Lord is good!

In the aforementioned book, Pete Greig details a conversation he had with Brennan Manning who reminded him that, “’Prayer is not primarily about changing things somewhere out there. It is first and foremost about changing something in here,’ and he patted his chest. The most powerful thing that can happen in the place of prayer is that you yourself become the prayer. You leave the prayer room able as Jesus’ hands and feet on earth. This is what it means to pray continually, to see with the eyes of Jesus and to hear with His ears with every waking moment.”

This concept of “praying without ceasing” that we find in 1 Thessalonians literally means “come to rest.” May we come to rest, knowing “With blood and sweat and many tears, with sleepless nights and fruitless days, [The Church] prays as if it all depends on God and lives as if it all depends on [her].”

And that continues to be our prayer as The Church here in Moscow and Pullman-that we would learn more and more what it looks like to live with the conviction that we are free, yet live as “slaves of the hurting and dirty and dying.” May our prayers be lived out on our streets and in our work places.

May we “who call on the LORD, give ourselves no rest, and give Him no rest” till He is the praise of all the earth. Isaiah 62

Dear friends, please join us in praying for Awakening:

1. Awakening in The Church here in Pullman-Moscow, as we learn more and more what it looks like to become Jesus’ hands and feet in those situations we’ve prayed for.

2. Awakening in those whom we know here and in those we excitedly anticipate meeting in Spokane.



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  1. Cissy Martin / Apr 28 2011 7:20 pm

    Great word! Prayed and praying! Love you all!

  2. Jonathan Miller / Apr 29 2011 12:43 am

    Amen sister! I don’t think I pray and live with a sense of urgency like I should. That His Kingdom would come and His will would be done and real lasting change would happen RIGHT NOW.

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