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04.06.2011 / jontettleton

The Last 100m

I was thinking today that if we were to compare our “training season” to a 400m race, then we are rounding the last curve, and we are digging in with everything we have.

As you may know, we are planning to move from Moscow, ID to Spokane, WA in late June to begin our “official” work towards gathering a core group and creating movement towards a church body. Therefore, our final months here are extremely focused and intense. We are continuing to meet with Resonate’s pastors weekly and a few of us are meeting several times during the week to hash out the details of things like: Vision, Mission, Values, What if’s, Location, Bi-vocational feasibility, Name, Leadership Structure, Model, and so on and on and on.

I can personally say that is has been life giving and challenging all in the same breath. We are getting so close to so many things becoming tangible. We are currently in the process of wrapping up our prospectus, a pamphlet outlining the essentials of our church and how to get involved in supporting our church. This next week, we will tackle budget talks and other new territory in that same vein. It’s funny to think that these kinds of things actually excite me now. I couldn’t have imagined it a few months ago. That isn’t to say that these days bring only sunny skies and easy decisions. There have been several days of gray, with spinning wheels, frustration, and gritted teeth. In the end, it is a joy. It’s a passion that is developing and not without mistakes and re-tries.

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for supporting us and our dream to see Spokane revived!

So if you know anyone with connections in Spokane let us know, because we would love to meet them. Also, if you are part of church who cares about mission and church planting, contact us! We would absolutely love to share our vision and passion with whomever will listen. Several of us will be traveling to Texas (not to exclude non-Texans, of course!) in May and June, so if you live there we can come see you personally.

Things you can specifically pray for:

  • Prospectus progress (aka P-talks) brought to completion.
  • Housing arrangements in Spokane.
  • Raising support and sharing vision with clarity and passion.

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