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03.02.2011 / blakecooley

Wretched man that I am!

Those are the words of Paul in Romans 7.  Well, I can relate, especially when it comes to loving people the way Jesus called us to love.  Honestly, I don’t even like people very much. I mean…I love people when it’s easy to love them, like when we have common interests or similiar personalities.  However, when it comes to the people Jesus had a passion for, it becomes much more difficult.  Oh, and I’m possibly going to be help start a church, so I might be around a lot of people that aren’t similiar to me during the next few years and maybe the rest of my life. 

Who will set me free from the body of this death?  Jesus will.  In fact He has been freeing me ever since He opened my eyes to Truth.  Truth is looking at the world and people the way Jesus does.  Looking back at the way I loved people in the past and the way I do now, it is powerfully different.  This has only happened because of God’s grace and Him allowing me to press more deeply into Truth.  He’s also faithful to continue that work in my life.  So who does the Father call to love the people He loves? And who does he use to build  His Church?  Oh, just people like Paul…and other wretched men.         

Prayer Requests:

– Wisdom in upcoming choices for my wife and I

– Clarity of vision for the city we plug ourselves into

– The Lord to contine to work in my life to lead my family well


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