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02.09.2011 / mackivey58

On the Road Again…

Two weeks ago we were able to visit Bellingham, Washington as a potential city for us to land in. It was a beautiful city, full of life and excitement. While, supposedly, the weather usually leaves much to be desired, the people were warm and in love with their city. A nice surprise compared to some cities we have visited.

Among some of the locals we were able to chat with, we had the opportunity to talk with two different pastors, one working just outside of Bellingham and the other in the heart of the city. Both men offered some great wisdom and insight into our team and what we want to be a part of here in the Northwest. We left these conversations excited, refreshed and dreaming of what could be.

A few things noted while exploring the city: age diversity, lovely old buildings, walkable downtown areas, local homeless and women’s shelters, expensive housing (sad face), cool co-ops, people that seemed to love being out and about, yummy food, outdoor activities and the ocean!!!

While it is hard to get a complete “feel” for a city after being there only 3 days, being able to talk with some of the people and all of the exploring we did really helped give us a better picture. Overall, I think Bellingham is pretty high up on the list of cities.

Please pray for:
* Unity in the decision of which city to move to. Nine people offer nine great opinions and desires…may the Lord unify us in what He wants.

* Continued renewal and refreshment for our team…the last few weeks and the weeks to come have, and will be, filled with great things, but that makes for a very busy time.

* Our team is headed on a spiritual retreat of sorts this weekend. Pray for encouragement for all and insight and wisdom for the sweet couple that will be leading us in that.



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  1. kallie / Feb 9 2011 8:34 pm

    Thanks for the update, love hearing how yall are doing.

  2. Karen Pope / Feb 12 2011 7:02 pm

    Sound hopeful! Will continue to pray for your team. Love you guys! Aunt Karen

  3. Stacy Ridinger / Mar 8 2011 5:25 pm

    That sounds awesome! I’m praying and thinking about yall. Keep doing God’s work!! 🙂

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