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01.28.2011 / meredithcooley

Teacher In-Service

My blog starts with where I hope to end up, a gray head of hair and a heart filled with the Spirit. I’m far from that now, but Kay Bascom fits it to a tee.  Her and Charlie were an older couple in my little church in Manhattan. I started taking her bible study, Messiah Mystery, when I was a sophomore in college and couldn’t get enough.  I took the same course every time it was offered until I graduated.  Come to find out, that ‘ole OT is full of meaning and brilliant foreshadowing, not just genealogies.  In Kay’s bible study and under her mentorship, I began to see Jesus in everyone and everything all the way from Abraham to the people and places around me today.  I started to grasp the idea that the whole world always has been and always will be about Jesus.

Don’t let me fool you, I’m not saying everywhere I look and at every moment I remember this, but that is what I aspire to.  A recent reminder of this truth was in my Teacher In-Service day last week, generally these are less than memorable days, but never the less, God used it.  (You see, I’m not your typical elementary teacher.  I’m a special education teacher for “medically fragile” children.  Learning looks very different in my classroom.) Generally, at these Teacher-In-Services less than 1% actually applies to me, but here is the 1% that did. We were asked to write out all of the people that had inspired us to become educators. Easy. Debbie, Evan, Millie and Blake.

It was Debbie that taught me we are all created in God’s image…all of us.  It was Evan (featured in the photo) who taught me when all else fails me, God gave us love.  Millie has taught me how to serve with passion and love well.  Finally, it’s Blake who is teaching me how to actually live out what everyone else has taught me.

So thank you Lord, for designing our lives to point to You.  Help us continually see that You are in all and above all.


–          To see the Lord in our everyday livesEvan and Meredith

–          Unity amongst the team

–          Clarity in our upcoming decisions


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