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01.19.2011 / Colby Ivey

A Story

I don’t plan on telling you a story here.  Not a story like the time Jonny peed on the wrong dorm-mate under the shower stall, thinking he was showing love to a good friend, or the time I caught Mere sneaking out of her bedroom window to hang out with neighborhood friends in middle school.

I want to write about the beginnings of a story in progress for the nine of us.  A sub-plot that is a small part of the gospel story we have all be captivated by.  One that is sure to be full of discovery, adventure, strife, failure, and victory.

We are still very early on.  We are still learning the exposition.  We have been introduced to most of the main characters, we know the premise of the plot (but not many details), and the setting for the bulk of the story is not quite nailed down.  We are like Forrest Gump before he enlists in the Army.  There is a lot of adventure to be determined by the steps he takes, but we know his character and heart’s desire.

There is a tension between knowing the sovereignty of God over our situation and knowing that each decision we make will impact the future of our story.  As a team we have resolved to simply be faithful with what we have been entrusted with every step of the way.  And that is anything but a license for laziness!  Our goal is to hear “Well done, my good and faithful servant” when this epic gospel meta-narrative comes to an end on that glorious day.

It helps me to view our endeavor as a story, and provides so much hope.  It allows me keep a big picture view of what is going on in the present, and not get bogged down in the mess and burn out when setbacks come our way. Conversely, it allows me to see why the details of the mundane everyday are so important to the rest of the story.

So we know we will have rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution before our end.  Knowing the promises of God to His children, I’m confident our story will succeed in our obedience.  So join us in prayer.  We are excited to see how our story plays out!

– We would continue to invest in things that will remain.  Like faith, hope, and love.
– Clarity on the “big decisions” we will be making in the next two months.
– A great last semester in Moscow with relationships, training, and ministry.

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