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01.12.2011 / laura

what we are really doing here

It is easy to tell you that we are up here training under a church, to then move this summer to another (still undecided) location in the Northwest to plant a church.  That is all fine and true but I am sure that still leaves some of you wondering, “So, what are they really doing up there in Moscow?”

This is my feeble attempt to clue you all in to some of the things that this semester will hold  for all of us.  You know, what we are really doing here.

I will apologize now: this may get lengthy; 7 people can do a lot of different things in one day, not to mention in an entire week.  I will try to keep it as succinct as possible.

The first place you should know about is “The Lieu” (pictured here)*, our house which is situated on Lieuallen Street.  “The Lieu” is home to many weekly events.  Morning prayer meetings of the seven team members occur here three mornings per week (the other two mornings we gather at Jon and Leaza’s place, not pictured here).  Tuesday evenings, the seven of us gather here in the kitchen for family dinners, then continue the evening in the living room for our weekly team meeting. Thursday nights, we host and lead a Village which is a small group through Resonate Church.  Between 15 and 20 wonderful friends of ours come each week to share a meal together and discuss spiritual things.  It is such a beautiful and wonderful thing to see how God has so graciously provided us this place to call home and has continued to provide us with rich encounters with Him and the local Body of believers.

Next up, the Interfaith House at Washington State University.  This gem sits on WSU’s campus and is home to many things, most notably for us, Resonate Church’s office.  Colby, on staff as the “site pastor” of the Moscow gathering of Resonate Church, spends all day Monday, Tuesday, and pieces of other days here in meetings of all sorts.  Praying for the needs of the Body and also helping plan and make decisions for the week at Resonate.  (Colby also spends 24 hours every 5 days on-call for the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department as an EMT).  The Interfaith house is where our team gathers once a week for 2 hours with Keith (pastor at Resonate Church) for church planting training.  This time is set aside for us to ask any questions we might have, be trained in areas that we request, and have Keith speak into us as a team.  Keith has been gracious to give of his time and energy to train us.  He has also been gracious in giving us responsibilities at Resonate from day 1, before he even really knew us.

The Bookie at WSU is also quite noteworthy.  It is the employer of our very own Jon, Leaza, D.O. and Mikey.  From anywhere between 12 and 35 hours each week, four of our wonderful team members work away doing somewhat menial tasks for minimum wage.  Why do they continue to work there week after week?  Because it is here that much life and ministry happen, both rather fluidly.  It is not a normal thing for 7 people to move up to Pullman/Moscow in order to do life together and train to plant a church.  The Lord and his calling on our lives comes up in daily conversation and friendships are begun in which His light and love are displayed.  There is much intentionality that can be poured into relationships at a workplace where so much time is spent and tasks are not challenging.  I have been blessed by the results of the relational work these four are committed to at The Bookie.  Mack and I used to call The Bookie our work home but have moved on and are working for the University of Idaho.  Now we are blessed to have co-workers who live in our neighborhood, grocery shop in our stores, and are no longer strangers who we pass by on the sidewalk but people in our community that we can call our friends.

The Nuart Theatre is in “downtown” Moscow on Main Street.  Resonate Church rents this space on Sunday evenings for our Moscow gathering.  During the week, it is a venue to all sorts of events and is even home to other church bodies in the community.  Sundays from 12:30p.m.-10:00p.m. many of us can be found at the Nuart helping with set-up, sound checks, music, tear-down, greeting and many other things.  D.O. has been in charge of leading prayer before the gathering begins.  From 6:15-7:00 p.m. (P.S.T.), D.O. leads us as we gather to seek the Lord and beg for the salvation of this town that is continually capturing our hearts.  Please feel free to gather with us in prayer at this time and ask for His glory to be displayed and revealed to the people here.

This little unassuming street corner houses one of our favorite coffee shops that Mikey mentioned previouslyOne World Cafe is 2 blocks east of campus and a commonplace of college students and Moscow natives alike.  Here I have the extreme pleasure of spending hours each week meeting with “my girls” from Resonate, sharing life together, discovering Truth, and just enjoying friendship.  Many other people from the team find themselves here as well, meeting with new friends from our Village and walking alongside them in pursuit of God.  We have also had the privilege of hearing our friends play live music here.  Not only do we meet to spend time with friends here but over time we have begun to make friends in the different baristas that we see regularly.

Bucer’s Coffeehouse and Pub is another avenue of spending sweet time with our Moscow friends though it casts a different atmosphere than One World Cafe.  Where as One World is full of windows and openness, Bucer’s has a more cozy, intimate feel.  It is another great environment to meet with people we are discipling, friends, or one another.  We also enjoy coming here on the weekends to enjoy live, musical performances by our friends.

The Moscow Food Co-Op is the local co-op where organic, locally-grown food can be found.  It has both a grocery section and a cafe section.  The Co-Op cafe is known to have some of the most delicious food in town.  The grocery section is what provides Mack with all she needs to create delicious food in our house.  Mack is loving to learn about organic, natural cuisine along with sustainability.  The rest of the team enjoys time here as well, eating food, grocery shopping, or grabbing a cup of coffee to enjoy while journalling.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to present to you the climbing wall at U of I’s rec center.  The people we have encountered in the Northwest pretty well embody the idea of “loving the outdoors” and all the activities that could encompass (climbing, biking, hiking, rafting, hunting, skiing, snowboarding etc).  Jon, D.O., Colby, and Mikey all have the privilege of having university ID cards which they faithfully use for entrance at the climbing wall.  It is here that they get to spend time doing something that they love, while loving on others who share their affection for climbing.  It is a much more enjoyable investment than the hours they put in at work relationally and every bit as valuable.  People who never enter our places of work, never enter the coffee shops we love, and would never think of attending a Resonate gathering are the very people the guys have met during their time at the wall.  The guys would love to be able to spend more hours here each week than their schedules allow but are faithful to finding some time each week to go climb for their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

There are numerous other people we meet with, odd jobs that we work, things that we do, and places we go throughout each week.  I hope this was able to give you a bit more than a small glimpse into what life tends to look like up here and how the Lord is using us in the here and now while also preparing us for the future.

Please pray along with us that…

  • we would be good stewards of the time we have left in Moscow, both in training/preparing for the future and in investing in the people and opportunities in the here and now.
  • the Lord would give us clarity, unity of vision, and a clear understanding of where we are going to move.
  • health, strength, and endurance to run this race and live lives worthy of the calling we have received.

*Please note that all of these pictures are quite deceptive during this particular winter season.  The skies do turn blue every so often here, as seen in these photos.  However, there is still much snow on the ground (not pictured).



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  1. Karen Pope / Jan 13 2011 6:34 pm

    Praying for your team that your eyes and hearts will be open to what God has planned for your future. Sometime we think that we are being open to His plan but we really aren’t – Just let go and let God show you His wonderful way! Thanks for the e-mails I enjoy each one of them.

  2. Kyle Oliver / Jan 13 2011 6:35 pm

    I enjoyed seeing what Moscow looks like in the sunshine. Praying for all of ya’ll.

  3. Jon Spear / Jan 14 2011 9:15 pm

    Life in the NW looks awesome! Hope you guys are well. Love & Prayers.

  4. Chris Hoover / Jan 17 2011 8:41 am

    Oh the Hoovers are missing our friends and wishing we were there to join you in these amazing adventures! We love the updates and pray for you every time the Lord brings you to mind! Many blessing to you- Chris

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