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01.04.2011 / D.O.

Cue the “How Beautiful” music

Hey friends. D.O. here.

I’m just sitting here in the Seattle airport gaining street cred by using my new MacBook and waiting for my flight to Spokane.

I spent the last couple weeks back at home celebrating Christmas and ringing in the new year with friends and family that I haven’t seen in the past 6 months. Every other team member did the same, though some did so for shorter stretches of time.

Something I’m reminded of every time I visit home is how beautiful the Body of Christ is. Having grown up in Arlington, spending 4 years in school in College Station, and doing an additional 4 years of life in Dallas, there are no shortage of people to see and spend time with on my (now rare) visits home. I can’t imagine how the married people feel… the list is twice is long.

As I sit here and think back on how glorious my visit home was, I cannot help thinking about the quality people who I’m blessed to call friends. The hugs, conversations, and beard compliments I’ve received over the past couple weeks have been an incredible encouragement, and I don’t doubt they’ve worked to refresh me for the remainder of this training season in Idaho.

And therein lies the beauty of the Body of Christ: I’m about to board a plane and head back to The Lieu (our house), and the Body is there too! They live across the hall from me and down the stairs; I gather with them on Sundays and they come to our house on Thursdays. Even on trips I’ve taken overseas to closed countries: the Body of Christ is present. And that Body, when functioning as it ought, is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.


  • That our trips home were indeed refreshing and that we can hit the ground running in this, our second and last semester of training
  • For continued clarity and discernment as we seek the Father for his heart on planting locations
  • That our team would be unified to the point that it’s weird… heaps of unity!

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  1. Cissy Martin / Jan 4 2011 1:24 pm

    D.O. It was SO great to see you and hug your neck! Thanks
    for shooting the photos which blessed us and our family! What a fun
    time! We continue to stand in the gap for you all! Blessings my

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