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12.30.2010 / blakecooley

Excitement Again

So… I’m Blake Cooley, and my wife and I haven’t yet joined the team in the Northwest.  However, we did get to join them for 2.25 hours at the back of Main Street Bistro in Richardson, TX on Monday December 27, 2010 at 9:00am.  We had a lot of catching up to do.  First, we hugged and laughed.  Second, we ate.  Then we shared victories that the Lord has worked in our lives recently, there were so many, praise Jesus.  Finally, we talked logistics of our future church plant.  Since Meredith and I aren’t yet in the Northwest, we had a few questions.  Here are some of the questions and the general responses.  It is possible for all of these thoughts to change 10 minutes after this blog is posted so none of this is definite. 

Are we still committed? Yes
What cities already visited are the favorites? Missoula, Spokane, Ashland
What cities still need to be visited? Bellingham, Ellensburg, Portland
Will we work full-time jobs while church planting or raise support? Mixed answers.  Some of us want to (1) work full-time jobs and raise no support.  (2) raise support and work full-time for our church.  (3) work part-time jobs and part-time for our church.  I think we came to agreement that it would be really hard for all 9 of us to do option #1. 
When will go? Most likely June 2011, but possibly later.

That’s definitely a brief overview of our meeting, but I thought it might be beneficial for those who are reading this blog to know where we are.  There are many uncertainties, but we are trying to be faithful to where God is leading us.  We need to pray more and have others pray for this.  To be honest, it has been difficult over the last couple of months for Meredith and me because we aren’t with the group, and we find ourselves desiring to stay in Texas more and more.  However, it just takes 2.25 hours back with the team for my excitement to build up again.  The Lord has called us to this, and I’m ready to go.    

Needed Prayers:

  • For God to lead us to decisions
  • Selling our house
  • Peace for our parents hearts

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