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12.22.2010 / leazatettleton

Xanga 2.0

A seven year gap; that is what I am working with here. For you see, my only experience with blogging originated and was buried during the course of my senior year of high school, during which time I utilized the then very cool “Xanga” web service to publish my monumental thoughts about life and love and other things I didn’t know very much about. Now, after a long hiatus, I am back, “taking one for the team,” literally, as I will occasionally contribute to our church planting team’s record of life and love and other things I still don’t know very much about. Now that we are a bit more acquainted, I welcome you to continue reading, if you so desire.

My husband, Jon, and I hit the road on October 20, facing the lengthy trek from Texas to the wilds of the Northwest in our trusty steed of a moving truck. The last few months have been filled with the strange concoction of emotions one would anticipate accompanying a rather large move—especially for a “home body” like myself. The sweet joy of taking part in this adventure has been deeply felt as we get to know our dear neighbors and others who live in a culture so different than we have known. I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in sharing of Christ’s life-transforming love; Hope came as a baby and walked with us and ate with us and died for us, to rise, conquering death. That’s a powerful Gospel! I have thoroughly enjoyed the road trips, visiting cities and getting to know the team better. I work with some remarkable people.

However, when my focus grows fuzzy and the comforts and familiarity of Texas, most painfully being so very far from family and friends, supercede everything else, my desire to be poured out like a drink offering dries up as quickly as a puddle of water in the Sahara desert.

And here is where my transition to the Christmas season transpires…

This is my favorite time of the year (I am sure many of you concur), as family gathers together from all over the country to celebrate the beauty of this Advent season. In just a day or two, my brothers and sisters-in-law will be here in Dallas, and our annual family sing along will commence! The twinkling lights transform houses into gingerbread cottages—whimsical! However, with the flurry of shopping and decorating and the traveling and gift giving, as fast as that puddle disappears in the sweltering heat of a desert sun, the sweet aroma of Christ’s love & sacrifice wafts away and the magnitude and brilliance of Christ’s saving grace dulls. May our skewed vision clear and our perspective be renewed. I realize we are reminded of this most every season, but I do hope we think on the greatest gift ever given as we bless others with home-made crafts and gifts—Jesus Christ.

May we draw close to our Savior who has drawn close to us.

Please pray:

  • safety in travel
  • rich moments with family and friends
  • renewal and refreshment, for the new year will bring many more challenges

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  1. Mom / Dec 25 2010 7:45 am

    Thank you, Leaza, for sharing your heart. It’s great writing and it’s been great having you here in TX with Jon David. We will continue to pray for your team in 2011, and we are confident that God will continue to bless you as you willingly serve so far away. We love you dearly! Mom

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