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12.15.2010 / MikeyMills

Secret Drawer Society

I have a secret.  Would you like to know it?

One World Café is frequently my home during the week.  I have a couple of tables that I enjoy and a couple of drinks that I order.  The baristas know me…some not by name but certainly by drink.  I spend my time at One World working, reading, and talking, all the while observing the life happening around me.

If you hang around people long enough, you learn their secrets.  After several months, I have been a part of the One World community long enough to learn one of their secrets.  Allow me to introduce you to the Secret Drawer Society.

Most days, this unassuming table sits upstairs, against a wall, without letting anybody know what lies inside its drawer.  It contains peoples’ emotions, their longings, their dreams…their outlet.  Members of the Secret Drawer Society use this drawer to share their life.

Within the drawer of this small table are hundreds of poems, sketches, and letters, each written by a member of the society.  It is understood that when you contribute, you will be respected.  This drawer is a safe environment for people to interact and share their life.

Here is an excerpt from one letter:

Dear Traveling Girl,

Forgive me that it took me so long to respond.  I do feel the sadness you have while reading your response.  It takes everything away to know what I know.  I am so sorry you had to lose hope.  Isn’t it how we step into life?  With the dream that everything is perfect, that everyone is good…When one, for the first time becomes brokenhearted, what do we do?  We start to make money, deck ourselves with beautiful jewelry and clothes.  It does add beauty to your face, while the soul is still so wounded from rejection.  I have heard before that with love, even a tent feels like a palace in heaven.  Here is the gloomy reality: I have not found anyone choosing that palace.

I love the honesty in this letter.  We don’t often talk like this but does that mean that we don’t hurt like this?  I doubt it.  My hope is that the members of the Secret Drawer Society have other outlets, that they have friends and family to share life with.  My other hope is that the rest of us are willing to be open about our hurts and pains with the friends and family that we do have.

To end on a slightly different note, here is another excerpt from a (most likely) different author:

My friend is taking forever to get here.  20 more minutes of sitting here looking like a loser?  I should have brought my laptop and facebook-creeped my cute friends.  It sucks being single.  Anyone know any cute boys that look like Alex O’Loughlin?  If so…I want to marry him.


We would love your prayers over these areas:

  • Safe travels over the Christmas holiday
  • Restful time with our families and friends
  • Peace in God’s timing and direction

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