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12.01.2010 / jontettleton

Sweet Cities, Sore Bumpers, and Reality

Remember road trips with too many people and too little space?

We did that.

Five of our seven here in Moscow—Mikey and Laura were sickly, bless their hearts—loaded up in the Altima and ventured into the wilds of western Oregon to visit a few cities that we think may be possibilities for a future home.

Corvallis, Eugene, Ashland, and Bend were on the short list this trip and while it was a long ride (1720 miles, precisely), it provided us many miles to dream about the kingdom, pray together, and to discuss what God is pressing on our hearts as we develop vision.

I’d love to tell you that we hurdled all of our obstacles and even came out of the #ORtour hearing the audible voice of God as we ate pizza and made lists of pro’s and con’s, however, we didn’t and that’s okay. I could share our list, but there’s really no need. We had meals together in each city, we talked with the town folk and church folk alike, and we prayed for God to continually give us his heart for these cities. While we didn’t roll into snowy Moscow with a “winner,” we certainly made progress, as the reality of church planting begins to set in. The trip was a success, but we were exhausted.

Not to be Negative Nancy, but the reality is that God is just better. I’m learning after a couple of rough days in a row that church planting isn’t cool…at all. It doesn’t feed my soul. It’s not even close to a new box of crayons or Smartwool socks. Some days I wake up and think, “What are we doing? Church is not what I want to spend my life on!” Then later, God reminds me, “You’re right! You shouldn’t, and you radically mistake the subject. You are the Church, and ought spend your life on Me.”

Oops. Dang it. It’s crazy how grumpy I get when I’m living in mistaken understanding. I’m glad that God is gracious. It’s easy to jumble the order and miss your purpose. Living in and for the kingdom of God is being the Church, and I’ll gladly spend my life on that.

Please continue to pray for us in the following areas:

  • We might learn what it is to hear God.
  • Continued love for the people of Moscow/Pullman.
  • Unity of vision.



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  1. jessandnik / Dec 9 2010 7:09 am

    Bro, I love the line: “you’re right! You shoudn’t, and you radically mistake the subject. You are the Church, and ought spend your life on Me.” That is good. C’mon baby.

  2. peter / Dec 14 2010 1:31 pm

    Good word! Praying for you guys…

    Run to win,

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