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11.11.2010 / laura

change is in the air

Outside my window at work, these past 2.5 weeks, I have watched a tree’s leaves change from green to yellow to orange to red and finally to rusted brown.  5 days a week for four weeks, this same tree has been out the window and I never paid it much attention.  Once one leaf began to change color it seemed as though the rest of the leaves could not wait to catch up and I could not wait to see what it would look like the next day when I arrived at work.

Much like the tree’s leaves changed quickly and drastically once the first leaf dared to be different and transform, making friends with people outside of Resonate seems to take the same course.  Starting a job at the University of Idaho proved to be a rather lonely experience at first.  I work 40 hours a week with the same 2 girls serving coffee and burritos (weird combination, I know) to many of the same customers each week.  The girls and customers alike seemed to bide their time with me, perhaps in anticipation of my not staying around for long.  I tried to connect with them on any level I could think of but to no avail.  Around the time the leaves started changing color so did the hearts of my coworker and customers.  Interestingly enough the common ground I finally found was the beauty of the autumn colors.  Praise God for his glorious creation.

2.5 weeks later and my coworkers are actually considering hanging out with me outside of the 40 hours we put in together at the cafe.  Relationships seem to form at a slower pace here than other places I have lived but once they take root they seem to be more open and have a deeper foundation.  Transformation is a beautiful thing.

There have been many things to transition to a new “normal” here in Moscow.  New pace of life, culture, friends, accents, vocabulary, living situation, schedule, job and the most recent reality: new weather.

As I walked to work this morning thinking about how beautiful the autumn colors have been and how the cooler fall weather reminded me more of the winter weather in Pasadena, rain mixed with delicate snow flakes began to fall…..what have we gotten ourselves into?  True winter weather may be a shocking new reality for us in the days to come.

Please pray for…

  • continued grace and unity as we discuss and establish our essentials, vision and core values.
  • safe travels for the Iveys, Tettletons and Mills this weekend and for all 7 of us as we trek to Western Oregon next week.
  • deepening of connection, friendship and discipleship with the people each of us are currently meeting with and will begin to meet with in the future.

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