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09.08.2010 / D.O.

A How (and a How-To) for this Blog

There are really two things that need addressing in this post:

  1. How this blog will work (The How)
  2. How you can get the most out of this blog (The How-To)

The How:

Each member of our team has access to post updates on this blog. As such, you will get updates from as many as nine different perspectives: from those who are already in Idaho, and from those who are still in Texas. From males and females. From married folks and, well… one single guy.

You’ll be able to tell who wrote the post you’re reading by looking at the name next to the date above the post’s title. So if you have a least favorite member of our team, you can save yourself the time of reading their posts. We just ask that you don’t tell us who your least favorite is. We have feelings, after all.

The How-To:

If you’re familiar with blogs, and I realize many of you are, then this part won’t be all that necessary for you to read. However, if you need a little help with the best ways to keep up with the content our team’s blog, there are a couple ways to do so that will keep you from having to visit our site every day to see if anything new has been published.

You probably remember seeing these pretty orange buttons at the top of the page. Both offer options for subscribing to this site. Once you’ve subscribed, you will be notified of our updates either by your preferred RSS reader, or by email. Your choice.

The first of the two options will subscribe you via an RSS reader. If you know what that is, then I don’t need to explain it to you, and if you don’t, then may I simply recommend paying Google Reader a visit, and taking their intuitive tour. If you are trying to keep up with multiple blogs and not using an RSS reader, then you’re wasting time. Look into it.

The second option you have for subscribing is to do it by email. When updates are posted on our blog, they’ll immediately be sent straight to your inbox, keeping you from having to remember to visit the site. If you’d like to go that route, simply click the “subscribe via email” button, and fill out the form that pops up. It should look a whole lot like this:

Once you fill that out and click “Complete Subscription Request” you will receive an email containing a verification link that will need to be clicked, and you’ll be all set. It’s really harmless, it takes less than 90 seconds, and after you do it you’ll never miss anything that happens on our blog.

The End:

I hope this post was helpful in getting you acclimated to our new site. We are very thankful that you are interested in keeping up with what the Lord is doing among us up here in the Northwest, and we hope that this blog will be an adequate means of keeping everybody in the know.

One final thought (if you’ve managed to make it this far): if ever you are perusing the blog and you see this…

… do feel free to click it and and change it to a “1” by leaving a comment. We like comments. Speaking of, if you have any questions regarding subscriptions or anything else about how this blog functions, leave them in the comments. I’ll answer them there for all to see.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for subscribing (see, now you have to… I already thanked you for it).


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