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08.08.2010 / D.O.

Update #3

[The following is an email that D.O. sent to his friends and family on 05.31.10]

(I need to come up with better titles for these emails… suggestions?)

Short Version: We signed a lease on a house, and got a sick deal on a moving truck. Thank You, Father! A send-off gathering of sorts in the works for late June. Stay tuned.

Awesome Version: There isn’t a ton of stuff to report but I know some of you have been losing sleep with the lack of updates here lately, so I figured I’d throw you a proverbial bone.

A couple weeks ago I put an envelope in the mailbox which contained a check and a lease with five people’s signatures, and sent it to Pullman. So we’ll have a place to lay our weary heads in a month when we show up to Washington in our 26-foot moving truck.

About that truck: For the past several months, Mackenzie (one of the girls on our team) has been asking the Father for a hook-up on a moving truck, because to rent a truck for a move from Dallas to Pullman costs somewhere in the ballpark of $2,300. Turns out that Colby (Mack’s husband, and the point-person of our team) is in a group at The Village with a guy who works for Penske, and though he was unsure initially whether he could or not, he was able to pull a few strings and get us the $2,300 package for $300. Unbelievable. How good is the Father? Truly the Giver of all Good things!

Please keep your eyes out for a forthcoming email regarding a send-off/commissioning gathering that we’re hoping to have towards the end of June. I’d love for as many of you to be there as possible.

Lastly, if you notice any peculiar verbiage in these emails, it is because they are being sent to humans all over the Earth, some of whom are in security-sensitive areas when it comes to Kingdom things. So maybe when you read things like “Father,” “gathering,” and other code-y words or phrases, that can remind you to ask said Father for Good things on these faithful workers’ behalves. (“Behalves” is a peculiar word, but it isn’t code.) At some point I may send separate emails to the international and domestic groups, but until then, you get code-speak.

Love y’all.



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