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08.08.2010 / D.O.

Things Are Better When Shared – 2.0

[The following is an email that D.O. sent to his friends and family on 06.27.10]

This is likely the last update you’ll receive from Texas.

Short Version: The prayer send-off last weekend was great, we seem to have found a house, and (surprise!) it’s in Idaho. We begin our drive to the Northwest on Wednesday, the 30th. Skip to the prayer list down there if you like.

Awesome Version: For those of you who were able to come out to the prayer send-off last weekend: Thank you so, so much. It was such an encouraging and refreshing time in the Lord. I speak for our whole team in saying that we were humbled to have you all there and lifting us up, and we have no doubt that the Father heard your cries. Nothing but good things will come as a result of the prayers that were lifted up that night. Thank you.

Many of you have been praying for and asking about our housing situation, and here’s where it stands at present: We’ve found a house that we like based on the pictures we’ve seen online, and the report our friends in the NW sent back upon visiting it. We have told the owner that we want to lease it, but he’s overseas at the moment so our email correspondence has been somewhat stymied by the time difference. We’re confident that this will be the roof under which we’ll sleep for the next year. Please pray to that end.

Oh, and it turns out that this new house is actually in Moscow, Idaho. Resonate (the church who’s training us) has a campus in both Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID. The distance between the two towns is only 8 miles, but there just happens to be a state line along that 8-mile drive. So hopefully you’ll still want to be our friends since we’ll be living in Idaho and not Washington. If at this point you want to be taken off this email list, just say so. I’ll understand.

I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, and in a couple hours I’ll walk into The Village Church Dallas Northway for the last time. Tomorrow will be spent with my family. Tuesday will be spent loading up our moving truck. Wednesday will be spent waking up earlier than the rest of the world and beginning our drive northwestwardly. We’ll spend about a week driving up there, stopping at many of the country’s most beautiful spots along the way to lighten the blow that a 2,000 mile drive can deal.

Prayer Menu: If you missed the prayer send-off the other day, here is what we prayed over. Feel free to join in on the fun.

– marriages on our team (and for D.O. to find himself a wife)
– team unity for group that is moving and living together
– unity and community for those who aren’t moving yet
– unity for entire team despite the distance

Moving/Training Season
– that we’ll get a house
– that our financial needs will be met
– that we would be a blessing to Resonate
– that we’ll remain missional, even in training

Planting Season
– for wisdom and clear direction from the Father on choosing which city to plant in (and unity therein)
– for the hears of the people in our new city
– that the Lord would even now be preparing for us persons of peace.

Group Ethos
– that we will have a foundation of prayer and fasting
– for endurance in spite of feelings and/or emotions
– that we’ll be Spirit-led and that spiritual gifts will be very present.
– for boldness and zero fear of man
that we’ll be faithful to that which we’ve been called, daily

Alright. That should be quite enough for now. Next time you get one of these from me, it will be coming from the Pacific Time Zone.




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