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08.08.2010 / D.O.

Things Are Better When Shared – 1.0

[The following is an email that D.O. sent to his friends and family on 06.11.10]

I landed on a name for these updates: Things Are Better When Shared. Hope you don’t hate it.

Short Version: We seem to have lost the house that we’d signed a lease on in Pullman. Please, please, ask the Lord to provide a house in Pullman or Moscow; a place where He can get the most glory imaginable. If that means settling the issue at hand and us keeping the house we picked, great. If it means something else, great. His will be done.

Awesome Version: When we signed our lease on the house in Pullman we did so after receiving a this-won’t-be-a-problem-but-

we-should-tell-you-it-anyway disclaimer that our group didn’t meet the zoning restrictions for the neighborhood (something about more than one family living in one house). It wasn’t to be a problem because the current occupants don’t meet the zoning regulations either, and have lived there without a hitch. Well we got an email the other day informing us that a problem arose with a would-be neighbor who was complaining about the fact that people with different last names were moving into the house and as such we’re being told we no longer have the house.

While this seems like a terribly inconvenient situation (well, let’s face it… it is), we know that the Lord is sovereign and He has this entirely under control. So we’re praying for the Lord to show us where he wants us. We’re praying that He’ll do a mighty work on the heart of the unhappy Douglas Street resident. That he will be abundantly clear in guiding us through this decision. That He’ll provide.

I know we would appreciate it immensely if you would agree with us in this prayer.

He is Good, and He is for us.

Love y’all,


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