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08.08.2010 / D.O.

An Update You May Not Have Asked For

[The following is an email that D.O. sent to his friends and family on 04.17.10]

Hello precious, precious humans.

You are receiving this email because (a) you’ve heard about our impending move to the northwest and have asked to be kept posted; (b) you’ve heard about our impending move and I just decided to keep you posted; or (c) you’ve never heard about our impending move, but now that you have you might want to be kept posted. Regardless of which camp you fall in, if you don’t want to receive these, do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll not be offended in the least. You are all really busy people with more important emails to worry about than these. That said, here goes:

Short Version: I am going to be a part of a church plant in the northwest. We will train under a church called Resonate in Pullman, WA for an indefinite amount of time (year-ish) before we’re sent out from them to plant somewhere else in the region. We are flying out Wednesday to spend a week with them and iron out some final details before we move in June. Please pray that the Lord will continue to confirm things regarding our being a part of this plant through this church, that we can make headway on finding a place to live, and for whatever other blessings or lessons you’d like to pray over us.

Let me know if you have questions, and/or if you don’t want these emails. Love.

Awesome Version: In college I was, to put it lightly, blessed with a set of friends that spurred me on towards holiness in ways I’d not known possible. During those providential years at A&M my friends and I dreamed of someday moving to a city in the mountains and taking it over (literally). Now, nearly four years after graduating, we are closer friends than ever before, most of us are married, and the Lord has maintained and matured the dream of “taking over” a city and changed it into planting a church for the glory of Christ in a city.

The maturation of this dream took place over the past 9+ months as we met and intentionally prayed and discussed what it would look like to actually pursue it. We begged the Lord to either put feet on it or to kill it, and he did the former. He made modifications to our dream (no surprise, for the better) and switched the focus from simply communal living to church planting. He sovereignly paired us up with a like-minded church in Pullman, Washington (Resonate) that wants to train small communities of people to plant churches in the region. We’ve met several times with the pastor of Resonate and each time we do the Lord affirms that this is a match that He is orchestrating. So much so that we’re planning on moving in mere months to live and train in Pullman for approximately a year under Resonate’s leadership. At the end of our training we will be sent from Resonate to plant somewhere in the northwest. We have a few cities that we’re looking at and praying over, but we’ll not cross that bridge until we get closer.

For those who think this way, we’re not planning on raising support (at least at this point). The plan is for us to all find jobs to support ourselves and to engage and become a part of our new community. Bivocational ministry, you see. So don’t worry, these emails aren’t my asking for money. They’re more motivated out of the idea that things are better when shared, the belief that prayer is the only means by which we can accomplish anything, and the fact that there are lots of good promises about the body agreeing on things in prayer.

And for those who think this way (and I appreciate you a TON), we aren’t going out lone-ranger style. Seven of the nine of us are members at The Village Church, whose leadership knows about and is on board with this plant, and who is currently training us through a Residency program (for which I am extremely grateful).

We are all flying out on Wednesday to spend a week in Pullman to meet with Resonate’s entire staff, see what things look like on the ground there, iron out things like housing, and to generally pray over and verify — as all things to this point have been displayed — that this is what the Lord has for us. I’d love it if you could join us in praying for these things (and whatever else you’d like to pray for us).

I’m sure I’ve left important stuff out but this has become long so I’ll quit. Let me know if you have any questions, and again, if you don’t want these emails, just tell me. My appreciation of your honesty will outweigh the awkwardness you feel for sending the “I don’t want your updates” email, I promise.

Love you all.



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